More than just something to look through. The range of glass types available allows you to match a glass that will function to your requirements. 

Types of Glass

The type of glass or treatment on the glass will result in big differences to the way your windows function. To reduce fading, use tinted or reflective glass. To control heat-loss or heat-gain, use low-E glass. To add more security or reduce noise, use laminated glass.

Double Glazing

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Double glazing consists of 2 pieces of glass separated by an air space or argon gas. There are many advantages of double glazing over traditional single pane glazing such as increased insulation and security as well as reducing condensation and noise. Double glazing can also use modern technologies like low-E coatings, argon filled and laminated glass to further enhance performance.

Retrofit Double Glazing

Metro Building provides a comprehensive double glazing service, not only when building for a new home but also when retro-fitting to the FIRST suite. As well as the FIRST suite, we can also retro-fit to most aluminium windows

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